Strategic Partner for the Life Sciences

Your company’s success is determined by the quality of the products you provide to your target audience and the technologies you use to make them exceptional. For you, success is measured: by the effectiveness of your protocols, by the thought behind your marketing, by the capabilities of your products, and how it all comes together as a single, cohesive idea.

For Dr. Robert McMahon, providing success to companies is all about shedding light on the details that don’t immediately seem impactful, but provide the momentum that will lead to success. Over the last 15 years, his number one goal has been to answer this question for his clients:

Innovations can make or break you. How is the science behind your product hurting or helping you, and what needs to be done to ensure your organization's success?

Innovations can make or break you. How is the science behind your product hurting or helping you, and what needs to be done to ensure your organization's success?

About Dr. Bob


University of Florida Medical School
Doctor of Philosophy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Selected Roles

  • Director, Global Discovery, Mead Johnson Nutrition
  • Director Technology Scouting, Mead Johnson Nutrition
  • Assistant Professor, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Influencing Global Innovations

In order to create effective products in the global market, you must have a clear, actionable strategy.

At Seven Hills Strategies, we approach innovation on a global scale: across functionalities, across markets, and across audiences. We are capable of travelling anywhere necessary to meet with your team and consult with you.


Why Dr. Bob?

It has been my good fortune to work closely with Bob for ten years on a visionary and productive industry-academic partnership he initiated. He has an exceptional ability to recognize the capacity of individuals and teams, find and address the key issues, elicit innovation, and achieve results through effective collaboration. He has earned my trust and respect on a daily basis. Bob is awesome!

– Ardythe Morrow, Ph.D, Epidemiologist

Bob was an extremely effective collaborator for our Strategic Supply function, where he brought a new kind of conversation to our key external relationships – one that helped create the foundational trust whereby we could uncover additional innovation opportunities, surface issues around complimentary capabilities and expertise, and identify and resolve issues. His collaboration substantially strengthened the overall value of our innovation partnerships.

– Joe Feito, Chief Procurement Officer

After over ten years of experience with Bob, I can truly attest to the skills, experiences, and talents of this extraordinary colleague. He has an unusually effective ability to translate highly esoteric concepts into business building strategies. Bob is comfortable and effective in both science-related settings as well as business settings and is leveraged by leaders to facilitate, enable, and accelerate the completion of key organizational initiatives.

– Kelli Talley, Global Director

Bob starts from a profound insight in life science and over his career produced some spectacular data. From there, he developed a disciplined and meticulous approach to commercialization of invention leading to a string of impactful new product launches, IP generation, and brand equity building. Any organization would do well to to get his views on how to get the best out of their innovation value chain.

– Eduard Poels, Ph.D., Head of Delivery Systems, Research Center of Excellence

I have worked with Bob on a number of projects over the years in the area of specialised ingredients for infant nutrition and medical nutrition. Bob McMahon is well connected in the infant nutrition industry and has an impressive depth of knowledge in that space that is difficult to replicate. Bob is superb to work with. He is an excellent communicator and most of all is a thoroughly nice guy.

– John Powell, General Manager